"Engine of Time", animation short movie directed by Ilenia Locci (also author) and Fabio Loi.
Narrator: Riccardo Peroni.
Music, sound engineering and dubbing direction: Sergio Bertani.
In the S. Factories, two twin factories of planet Earth, humans and robots work together with commitment towards a common goal.
In the every day task singular ingredients of an ancient recipe are processed to illuminate time itself.
The workers cooperate in each of the factories sectors in perfect harmony while maintaining the immemorial synchronization that allows them to complete the mission.

Directed by
Ilenia Locci & Fabio Loi

Riccardo Peroni

Written and created by
Ilenia Locci

Monologue written by
Ilenia Locci

Sergio Bertani

3d Modeling, texturing, animation, vfx, compositing and editing
Fabio Loi

Art director, concept art, storyboard, textures and matte painting
Ilenia Locci

Sound design
Fabio Loi

Voice recorded at
Gigasound, Milano

Voice recording engineer
Roberto Natale

Dubbing director
Sergio Bertani

Audio recording, editing, mix and mastering
Sergio Bertani

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