Cristiano Godano (Marlene Kuntz), singer, musician, writer
Damiano Carrara, chef
Pino Pinelli, painter - Published on Photo Vogue
Paolo Fresu, musician and composer
Claudia Lawrence, actress and dancer
Dario Penne, Italian voice for Anthony Hopkins, Michael Caine, Tommy Lee Jones, Christopher Lloyd and many others.
Marino Campanaro, attore
Gabriele Scotti, Italian director (published on Photo Vogue)
Gianna Coletti, Italian actress
Alarico Salaroli, actor and dubber
Lorenzo Alessandri, actor
(From left to right) Gianna Coletti, Grazia Migneco and Lorenzo Alessandri, actors and dubbers.
Renato Mannheimer, sociologo, sondaggista  e sondaggista
(From left to right) Marina Thovez and her husband Mario Zucca, both actors and dubbers
Grazia Migneco, dubber and speaker, and myself.
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