L'Ora Sospesa: images
Gianna Coletti: portraits
Maurizio Nichetti: portraits
Gianna Coletti: "Mamma a Carico"
Riccardo Peroni: portraits
Riccardo Peroni: VOLTI
Cinema and Theatre: portraits
Riccardo Forte: portraits
NH Gianfranco de Lama: portraits
Riccardo Lombardo: portraits
Teatro LinguaggiCreativi: shooting
Andrea Sposini, chef
Personal Projects
"La Maria Brasca" - Stills
Selfie in the Bathroom
Elio e le Storie Tese: portraits on the road
Piera Cantalini: portraits
Gianna Paciello: portraits
Blocco E, IV Piano (con Dario Penne)
Engine of Time | Animated Short Film
Monica Lazzarotto (YouMark.it): portraits
AA: the Leri TripTych
AA: portraits
Bedtime Stories
Mr. Mario and Mr. Carletto: portraits
Daily Pregnant
Daily, Emilia (Photobook)
M° Gianluca Verlingieri: portraits
Honey and Saffron: still life
Foggy Days
Storm and Roots
Bristol: Frames
AcRolcar: shooting
Music Artwork
Day and Night
Mountain Places
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